Did you know that the term “smoothie” began to be used in recipes in the mid-1930s? It’s almost a magical word—just saying it makes you feel refreshed! With National Smoothie Day coming up on June 21, it’s time to celebrate these fun blended drinks. Here are some things to try!

Experiment with Veggies

You’ve heard of putting spinach in smoothies, but the list of veggies you can put in smoothies goes on! Cauliflower, summer squash, and sweet potato are all great smoothie ingredients. The trick is to get the balance of fruits and veggies just right so that there’s enough sweetness to offset the veggie taste.

If green smoothies don’t look appealing, start with a pink, orange, or purple one. Combinations like milk, banana, peaches, summer squash, and flaxseed look and taste amazing. Then start making green smoothies when you’re more comfortable! Try some of these options for anyone or these options for toddlers.

Do a Smoothie Taste Test

Gather your family or roommates and take turns blending a smoothie recipe of your choice—without anyone watching. Then take turns trying the smoothies, and see who can tell what all the ingredients are! Bonus points if you can guess some of these unusual ingredients, like tahini, rose petals, or basil seeds. For example, this yummy smoothie recipe calls for bananas, Medjool dates, tahini, ice, almond milk, and cinnamon. What do you think? Could your taste buds pick up on those ingredients?

Visit a Local Smoothie Shop

One last way to celebrate National Smoothie Day is to visit a nearby smoothie shop. It’s great to support local businesses—plus, smoothie shops often have access to unique ingredients that you may not be able to find at the store. One great shop we have nearby is Scoop & Juice on Brookhurst Street. On top of smoothies, they also have juices, milkshakes, and other beverages.

Celebrate National Smoothie Day with us! Try experimenting with veggies, doing a smoothie taste test, or visiting a nearby smoothie shop. Enjoy!