Are you longing to get back down to the beach after too much time indoors? If so, you’re in luck! Many beaches, like nearby Seal Beach, have reopened since recent closures due to COVID-19. Though your days at the beach might look a little different than they did in pre-pandemic times, with a little planning, your visit can be just as enjoyable. Here are some tips.

Plan Ahead 

Each beach has its own rules at this time. Some only allow “active use,” which means that you can only use the beach for recreational purposes. But many beaches, like Seal Beach, are now allowing “passive use,” which includes all lounging activities (e.g., reading, napping, tanning, etc.). Just be sure to check out the web to understand current beach restrictions and hours so you know what to expect.

Keep Your Distance

Current California guidelines maintain that you stay six feet away from those living outside of your household. If you’re concerned about being able to distance yourself, consider going to the beach at off-peak times, such as the early-morning hours. A long, leisurely walk with the waves lapping at your toes might be the perfect, calming way to start your day.

Bring Essentials

While you’re enjoying the beach with just your household, you may still be sharing handrails and common surfaces with other beachgoers. Use hand sanitizer to keep your hands sterile. Also, don’t forget your water bottle! By staying hydrated, you can help your immune system while avoiding public water fountains. In addition, bring a mask to wear when proper distancing isn’t possible. With these essentials, you can reduce your family’s risk of exposure to the virus.

Practicing social distancing while at the beach may feel a little unusual at first, but it’s worth it for the fun of being by the ocean! When you plan ahead, keep your distance, and bring essentials, your trips can be safe, rejuvenating, and enjoyable.