Have you and your roommates exhausted every board game in the apartment? Have you played every video game and every other group activity you can think of? If so, let us recommend five activities with your friends you may not have gotten to quite yet.

Become Artisanal Bakers over Night

We’re not suggesting you can become professional bakers in a single evening—but you can make some delicious bread using three ingredients that you probably already have on hand. This recipe from Our Best Bites doesn’t require kneading and rises in the fridge overnight. Just form the loaves on Saturday night, then bake them early the next morning. You could even drop off loaves with friends who live away from you to show you’re thinking of them.

Make a Music Video

Maybe you haven’t made a music video since that Spanish project in high school, but we could all use a chance to laugh at ourselves and have some fun. Find a fun song, choose outfits, scout out locations, and get filming. You don’t even need to be a singer; just lip sync! You can find some free video-editing apps here

Meditate While the Sun Sets

Nothing like simply watching the sunset to relax at the end of a long week. With so many beaches near us at Beachwood Apartments, you have no shortage of places from which to watch the sun sink beneath the horizon while meditating and clearing your thoughts.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, all it takes to make your home feel like new is to move some furniture. Work together with your roommates to switch your couch and the TV or move your bed to the other side of the room. Here are some great tips for rearranging in a way that works and will really make your space feel refreshed.

This weekend, try out some of these fun, free activities with your friends and roommates. No matter what you do, you’re sure to have a great time without having to dip into your savings.